Hi, I'm Marty Nickel


Who I am

I'm a database designer and information system developer with experience in both transactional and analytic systems. I've worked in a variety of markets including healthcare, finance, and logistics.

What I'm into

Even more than people, I'm into relationships - the invisible lines that connect people. I'm into openness, honesty and integrity that allow healthy relationships to flourish. Information systems and machine learning exist, at their baseline, to facilitate healthy relationships within an organization and with our business partners and customers. And healthy relationships are good for people.
From the spin of a subatomic particle to the DNA of a living cell, information is the building block of the universe. Information is the ultimate asset. Which information is valuable and what is trivial? Who knows where it lives? Who can access it, manipulate it, and leverage it? Often those questions that determine the course of an organization.
It's hard to imagine the world today if Albert Einstein had never given a lecture, never published a paper, never had a deep conversation. The best decision is always an informed decision. I'm into finding the most effective way to get the critical information from where it lives to the people who need it.
One of the most important skills is the ability to distinguish the signal from the noise. To prioritize the necessary from the nice. I'm into cultivating my own sense of perspective, and seeking others whose perspective is greater than mine.