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I went to a friend’s funeral  yesterday.  She was 96 and I’d first met her about 20 years ago; an engaging conversationalist and always classy.  When I last saw her in the hospital, even though obviously nearing death, she remained witty, perceptive and a pleasure to be around.  The pictures on a table at the graveside service showed that she was quite gorgeous as a young lady.  Even in old age she had a special spark about her.

no sql?

A few months ago I spent some time exploring Hadoop.  Just the basic stuff.  Did the install.  Worked some tutorials.  Loaded some test data and played.  And then these last couple weeks I've been playing with MongoDB.

driving hard

From an Engaget article:

  • Number of hard drives Seagate shipped since 1980: 2 billion
  • Number shipped in the last four years: 1 billion

That boggles my brain!  Along with the fact the drives they sold in 1980 were sized in megabytes and now the average is a terabyte. 

We can store ALL the digital everything1

tempest in a coffee cup

I discovered the joys of coffee when I was thirteen at Golden Star Donut shop in Richardson, Texas.  I was a 6:00 a.m. regular, arriving after I finished my Dallas Morning News paper route.  Then, and for years after, I drank it black because Vic Steelhammer, my paper-route buddy, told me that's the way real men did it.

microsoft's dilemma

I'm not in the Bill-Gates-is-the-Antichrist crowd, but I think the current situation is interesting. Consider this:


Seth Godin wrote a great piece a few days ago about our current economic condition. It's short, just go read it.

laugh or cry?

At the client company where I'm working just now, my desktop monitor is smaller than my (personal) laptop screen.  Obviously I'm working waaaaaay too cheap.

the key to success

My favorite project of all time began eighteen years ago at IBM’s Toronto lab on a product called ImagePlus.  It wasn't my favorite because of the technologies we were using or the thing we were developing.  It was the joy of working with that particular team. 

We completed the project on time, within budget, and with an unusually low defect rate.  Two doctoral students from the University of Guelph somehow heard about our project and came out to study the team and find the secret to our success.